Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

- Napoleon Hill   

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An extract of Craig Townsend's Mind Training for Swimmers book-


Everything You Need To Know!

By Craig Townsend
This document Copyright 2000-2050 Craig Townsend - It's Mind over Matter. All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 1
Mental Training - The Ultimate Secret Weapon

How To Use Your Mental Training Program

Welcome to my "Mind Training for Swimmers - Everything You Need To Know" eBook!

You have come to the right place. This book is designed to give you all the knowledge and techniques required to improve your swimming times and performance, and give you that extra boost of power you've been seeking. And that is exactly what I intend to do, with your help.

This book will provide many things - a mental training program, knowledge of all kinds of powerful techniques, the mind/body connection explained, ways to overcome short and long-term problems and mentally protecting yourself from swimmers who would like to bring you down.

The difference between this book and the free information which is supplied on my website is that this book delves deeper and is organised into a specific program for you to follow. I will show you exactly how to use each technique to it's fullest capability - and also provide the recommended repetitions and time periods required for each technique. This in-depth instruction simply cannot be provided through individual swimtips, which cannot possibly attain the level of improvement the mental training program can provide.

There's far too much information in this book for you to use all at once - all you need to do is follow the exact mental training program I set you, and the extra information can come in handy later. But don't rush ahead to the back of the book - as the program has been written in the exact order you need to learn it. By the time you finish this book, you will thoroughly understand each technique and be ready to embark on your training program.

I will teach you everything you need to know - but the most important thing is to create a mental training program for you, and that is my major goal. This is what creates the most powerful performances in the pool. That's when your part of the deal comes in - to stick to the program until the results begin to come through. And when the results begin to happen, you'll know about it! Everything in this book is not in the program however - it actually includes far more information than is required for your training program. It's designed to provide you with a great depth of knowledge for later on so you can troubleshoot any other problems that you may come across in the future. This also allows you to tailor your training program as your needs change over time.

This program has brought huge improvement and many personal best times, and I have no doubt that you can experience great success using it too. This is why I have tried to keep the program as simple, easy and user-friendly as possible - it takes a very small amount of time each day to follow the program. All you have to do is be dedicated enough to use the program on a daily basis, and you should experience great improvement in your performance. So remember, all I can do is show you how, the rest is up to you.

Even though it only takes a small amount of time each day, many swimmers do not possess the kind of long-term dedication to keep it up, so you must discipline yourself to do the exercise (which by the way, is actually a lot of fun!). That's the only catch, but if you really want success badly enough, I'm sure you'll be fine.

There'll be many ideas in this book which might create an impact on you immediately, and so the best thing to do is jot them down on paper immediately. This is because some of the most relevant information (to you, personally) may not always be listed in the summaries at the end of each chapter, but in some of the finer points I mention along the way, so best to jot them down as you go.

Just so you don't get confused about what's in your training program (and what's not) I have listed any 'training program techniques' first in the summaries (and in bold), plus they'll be highlighted with the words: Mental Training Program next to them. OK, now that's out of the way, let's move on.

To Begin

Over the years I've worked with many swimmers of all levels from Sydney, Australia plus I've been very lucky to be in contact with thousands of swimmers and coaches from all over the world through my weekly swimtips and the one thing that I've noticed more than anything is that the vast majority do not seem to have any real inner belief in themselves and their ability.

This creates other problems during meets like severe nervousness, inconsistency, training great but racing badly, intimidation from competitors, and so on. So in this book I have listed every technique, every mental secret required to overcome all these problems and more, plus help improve your times and create the results you desire. These techniques WORK. They've worked for many years and they will continue to bring results - even results which have surprised me! They must be used exactly as I say however, in order to 'fire on all cylinders'.

Mental training is now essential for any swimmer or athlete to make it to the elite level - it's one of the reasons why we are still continuing to produce new world records.

This is because humans use less than one percent of their mind's capabilities! Yes, you've read correctly, less than one percent - but this is good news because it means that YOU are still capable of huge improvement!

I doubt there would be a top athlete in the world today who doesn't use some form of mental training. It's used in all sports all over the world - but the interesting thing is, compared to other sports, it's been incredibly slow to happen in swimming.

This is because, in my opinion, the majority of swimmers are only interested in physical training, and have no interest in mental training at all - yet mastering the mind is now becoming an essential ingredient to reach the elite levels of any sport.

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Your Mind Is The Control-Centre Of All Movement!

One main thread that you will find throughout this book is this; your mind controls your body. Think about that for a moment. Your mind controls your body, NOT the other way around.

The swimmers who don't train their minds simply do not have great control over their bodies either! This leaves their performance open to chance every time they go out to race.

That makes it a pretty important issue, wouldn't you think? Mental training may well be the vital difference between you attaining your dreams, or not - so do not take it lightly!

Training your mind is the same as training your body - it takes time to become mentally tough, so be prepared to put in some hard mental work if you want to get there. When two swimmers are of the same ability and similar training, it's the mind which determines the winner, so this will give you an advantage over other swimmers who don't have a mental training program.

The goal of this program is to help you to pre-program your swim before you go to the pool, and to overcome any problems or limitations that you may have been experiencing up until now. When you've completed this book, you'll have the knowledge to get into a peak frame of mind before you go out to race in a meet.

Sorry, but the discipline will be up to you! So get ready to increase your mental and physical power, and over time you should find that your swimming will simply begin to improve effortlessly, but only on the condition that you use the mental training program on a regular daily basis.

As you know very well, it's only a very slight edge that separates a winner from the rest of the field. One second in swimming can be an eternity, and that's all it takes for a champion to show their superiority. The mind is what creates this slight edge you're searching for. There was a time when only the world's champions did mental training, but now athletes all over the globe are realising that training their bodies alone will not get them to the top.

In the past, if a swimmer was racing badly, the first thing they'd do was train even harder. Sometimes this would pay off, but often it would lead to over-training - like a 19 year-old national swimmer I worked with, who discovered her energy levels were the same as that of a 50 year old!

Two main reasons caused many swimmers to turn to mental training. One was that many would swim unbelievable times in training but perform badly in the meets. The other was that most swimmers had also lost to competitors who simply were not as good as they were - and so it became obvious that the mind was the difference between winning and losing.

I'm sure you know deep down that you could be a better swimmer than you are right now - and that is why you are here. Possibly you're a swimmer who's put in the hard hours in training, but have not received the results that you deserve, and so you're making your first move into mental training. Or maybe you've done some form of mental training already, and are looking to further your knowledge. Either way, this book will contain everything you need.

It's a tragedy that in the past many fine swimmers have retired in frustration, not knowing that if only they'd trained their minds as well, they may have been champions.

Mental toughness creates the ability to pull a win out of even the most terrible circumstances, when you are not at your best.

The very fact that you're reading this book demonstrates that you are interested in attaining greater success, so let's begin your training, by first of all showing you how your mind and body are working when you are swimming at your best, and also the times when you are not. This knowledge is essential, so don't skip ahead, otherwise the rest of the book may not make any sense!

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