Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

- Napoleon Hill   

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Craig Townsend is Director of "It's Mind over Matter" and has worked in the area of mental training for swimming, sport and personal development for over a decade. He believes in empowering people and teaching cutting-edge skills to extract the utmost from their talent.

His Mind Training for Swimmers program has led the way in mental training for swimmers, utilizing a powerful blend of mental training techniques. Around 70 of his mental training articles have appeared over 5 editions of the esteemed 'Swimming In Australia' - the official Journal of the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association, and also in several editions of the Italian swimming magazine Nuotare Magazine.

He possesses a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and for 20 years has researched and experimented with various methods of tapping the mind's potential, combining the subjects of hypnosis, auto and hetero-suggestion, the Silva Method, deep relaxation, personal development, meditation, visualization, motivation, positive thinking, mind/body medicine, Zen and other eastern philosophies to create a highly effective mental training program which has brought impressive results.

He has worked with National and State level swimmers for well over a decade, teaching them the various methods of improvement through mental training, and creating a powerful program which has spawned impressive results in swimmers at all levels, in both swimming training and swim meets.

His revolutionary 'Mind Training for Swimmers' Program and extensive Mental Training Archive have been utilized all over the world by National and State Swimming Associations, Coaches Associations, National Coaches, major swimming websites, many US university teams, Australian Clubs, international swimming medallists and Head Coaches at countless centres around the globe. He has worked with the State Swim Teams which spawned numerous international swimmers, and lectured to the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association, whilst running a private practice. He also works with athletes from numerous other sports - such as athletics, golf, tennis, triathlon etc, and has even given lectures at The Royal Sydney Golf Club.

Craig was also commissioned to write the Aquaphobia and Mental Training modules for a swim coaching qualification created by aquatic research company Poseidon Tech, which is to be used by many of the major world swimming organizations.

Craig passionately devotes himself to increased development and understanding of the mind, and is committed to passing on this information to those who seek greater achievement in their lives.

Please note that Craig's qualification is in the area of hypnosis and his teachings, articles and programs have been derived from a wide range of sources, completely unrelated to and unassociated with sports psychology and its programs, teachings, courses or doctrines.



Craig can be contacted here

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