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eBook Program

The most complete swimmers mental training manual on the planet - used by swimmers, coaches, and athletes of many other sportsImprove your performances.

Complete Step-by-Step Mental Training Manual

PDF Download - $29.95


Swimming MP3 Program

Achieve your personal best times, and overcome slumps easily, with a powerful and proven mental training program.

Program Intro | Hypnosis | Sleep Subliminal

mp3 Download - $29.95


Swimming - Acceleration Program - (mp3s + PDF)

Complete swimming program for all aspects of swimming improvement with mental training.

Essential Info | Ebook Program | MP3 Program | Pain Hypnosis + Sublim.

Download - $59.95

open water swimming

Open Water Swimming

Mental training program for open water swimmers, to overcome the obstacles, fears etc and reach your peak performance.

Program Info | Hypnosis | Sleep Subliminal

mp3 Download - $29.95



Adapt to any conditions, on any day, at any time, at any event, with a mental training program for Tri.

Intro | Hypnosis | Sleep Subliminal

mp3 Download - $29.95

custom hypnosis 


Get a hypnosis / visualization recording created specially for your exact needs - to overcome your own personal barriers and reach your highest goals. Loaded with $100 of free extras!

Daytime Hypnosis | Bedtime | Sleep Subliminal | Booster | Motivational


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