Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

- Napoleon Hill   

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Overcome Form Slumps NOW!
Massive Improvement in just 16 Minutes a Day

The Renowned Swimming Slump Buster
- the 'Magic Email'

For 15 years, I have been lucky enough to be regularly involved in many hundreds of what I call swimming 'miracles' - converting swimmers' long-term swimming time 'slumps' into huge turnaround victories and record times - all without changing a single thing they were doing in the pool. The most amazing part was that I did it all with just one email.

Thousands of swimmers from all over the world have contacted me in absolute desperation about their slumps in form, and their unbelievably slow times (for them) - yes, even including Olympians. They would tell me how they simply must begin to perform almost immediately, otherwise they will be forced to:
a) give up swimming!
b) lose their financial backing - from parents, sponsors, etc.... or
c) entirely lose their coach's respect.... and the stories continued on.

They would often outline the fabulous previous swimming achievements they had swum, but then would then glumly describe how the past (6 months / 1 year / 2 year / 3 years) they have been dogged by a massive, and mystifying, slump in times - that did not improve no matter how hard they trained.

swim psychology

By the time they contacted me, they had already tried everything - and were sadly at a point where they were so completely desperate, they were having to email me! (as mental training is always the very last thing people seem to try in these situations - but that's OK, I dont take offense ; )

After receiving their desperate cry for help, I would send them one single email, which always solved the problem (which I now call the 'magic email') - because almost without fail, weeks or months later I would receive joyful, exhuberant emails from the same swimmer, telling me about how my simple email had 'turned their life around' and they would then outline all the fabulous new achievements, titles won, and great times they had just swum at 'the' big swim meet - the very meet where their entire swimming reputation (and everything else) was on the line.

But it wasn't me - or my email, that turned their times around. They did it all themselves - I simply set them in the right direction. All I did was outline a few simple, but very important, things to do - which I already knew, worked everytime - from the experience of writing thousands of replies over the past 15 years. So it was a no-brainer really - and I thought I might finally share this 'magic email' with you, after all these years....

This is the 'life-saving, slump-busting' email I have sent out over the past 15 years, that would turn swim times (and swimming careers) around quickly and easily, and smash through their slumps in form:


"Hi, Thanks for your email, and sorry to hear about the slumps your times have been in. But please dont worry - your fast swimming times are still in there, just waiting to come out - they never disappear forever.  And they will be back - very, very soon.   All we need to do is trigger them, using some visualization.   (And yes, dont worry - no-one else but myself will read your email, so it's competely confidential).   Let me summarize the main things you need to do, to turn these times around quickly:

First of all, you need to 'visualize' yourself swimming for 15 minutes each day - and vividly, deeply imagine that you have just swum the best swims of your life, and the times you desire.   You need to inject as much 'feeling and emotion' into these images as possible, almost to the point where you really do believe that you are swimming in that pool.     This visualization needs to be done each day and this will help to program your internal computer to perform better in the pool when you need it to. 

Music can often help with this, but if you have any problems with the visualization process, I would highly recommend you order my Mind Training for Swimmers visualization mp3 which will guide you through the whole process of visualization and provide some added information, techniques, and motivation - which I call the 'slump buster' because it has helped so many swimmers over the pats 15 years turn their times around very quicly - without changing a single thing you are doing in the pool.

The program also outlines how to use affirmations - ie. silently repeating 20 or 30 repetitions of an affirmation (or mantra) in your mind, such as 'power and speed' can be helpful - whenever you have negative thoughts, as this helps to shut them out and also program your subconscious. 

You can also practice using affirmations while you train each day, to the rhythm of your strokes - just make some up that feel motivating to you.     You also need to repeat 10 minutes of affirmations right before your races, at the meets - but the program will give you a detailed explanation how to use them.  

Last of all, it's simply performance anxiety causing the problem - ie. you are trying too hard because you are not believing in yourself.   The visualization will dramatically help with this, but some conscious work will also help. 

I want you to once again begin to think (now) like the swimmer you wish to become.  Become that person now, dont wait until the times are on the board - they will be here very shortly anyway.  Begin planning again in your mind all the brilliant things that will happen in the year ahead because your times are so great - forget that they are not the times you want right now, as that is just a blip on the radar - you are a champion, and you will be back on that podium much quicker than you think - so begin thinking like 'that' champion swimmer again, and not like the one who has been struggling in the past with her times.  

You can even use specialized imagery for things like this, where you can trick your mind into doing amazing things - eg. when you have a shower in the morning and after training, imagine that the shower's water is actually 'magical' water designed for pure power, speed and acceleration - feel it flow 'through' your body and permeate every atom of your soul, and rejuvenate your cells at the very core, to instantly make you become the great swimmer once again that you truly are, and that you are destined to be.

Always remember that your mind and body are amazing mechanisms - and under pressure, they can produce adrenalin levels which can create unbelievable times, that will blow everyone out of the water.   You have this ability within you, right now - all you have to do is believe in it.   The visualization program will re-ignite the fire inside of you - that will be the main thing that turns it around for you, so make sure you inject as much emotion into the images as you can, and do it every day, without fail - even twice a day is better, until you get back to feeling normal in the pool again.   It's pretty easy to do these days by simply putting on headphones and closing your eyes.

All the best of success - and dont worry, its all there waiting for you, and let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best,
Craig Townsend 


That is the email that has "turned their life around" from massive form slumps to exhilarating and inspiring victories.

My proven visualization slump-buster, the Mind Training for Swimmers mp3 program (audio version) contains a 16 minute daily visualization for swimmers - this is the no.1 thing that turns around the times. Included in the visualization are powerful hypnotic suggestions to turn around times and improve form, which work 24/7 to accelerate the speed of results. As well as the visualization, you can also listen (once) to the 45 minutes of detailed information on the mind/body connection and 2 major techniques,as this helps you to get the most out of the daily visualization..

The program is spoken in plain English, perfect for young or older swimmers, and explains in laymans terms how the mind/body connection works in swimming, and has shown to turn performances around very quickly - without exception. You can also personally tailor each mental training session to perfectly suit your next swim meet.

The mp3 now includes FREE Night-time Subliminal Swim Hypnosis - valued at $25 - improve your swimming while you go to sleep to the sound of relaxation music - and your subconscious absorbs the positive subliminal swim suggestions. Available for intermediate and elite swimmers of all ages (yes, even from age 10 up).   The cost for the instant download is only $29.95

As many years of success have shown that this product truly works, I have always given the program my own personal guarantee - a 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee for 12 months!  If you're not 100% impressed with the program, you can have it refunded a any time within a year of purchase.

To order the instant download, simply click the button below for our secure server - you order will be processed immediately, and you will receive immediate instructions on your screen to download the program, plus you will recieve an email receive from Pay Pal.   A one-year money-back guarantee if you don't love it!    Other Membership Options - * Or to see the Complete Acceleration Package $59.95 - including $100 of FREE extras (This Audio Program mp3 program + Ebook Program + Overcoming Pain' hypnosis mp3)  * 'Open Water' version of the program, click here   (Please note the download is fully © Copyrighted by Craig Townsend and cannot be distributed or used for commercial purposes whatsoever).

  mp3 download $29.95  
  CD Version $36.95  

Here's what others have to said about the program.....

swim psychology

"My daughter had experienced a few health issues that affected her competitive swimming ability. We resolved those issues but were left with a string of poor performances at meets resulting in frustration and a loss of confidence. I got a quote from a sports psychologist which would have been a minimum of $750.00 with no guarantee of success. We chose to try your Mind Training for Swimmers technique and she has faithfully listened every day for about 45 days. We just completed a Regional swim meet and she got 4 personal bests include the 100 fly. This used to be her best race, but she hadn’t had a personal best in about 1.5 years in this race.

When she completed the race and look up at her time, she pumped her fist like she had just won the Olympics. I have never seen her do this before. Mind Training for swimmers has restored her confidence and renewed her love of swimming. I have listened to Mind Training for swimmers and it appears to me that every word and intonation was carefully chosen – probably refined over several years, resulting in a product that exceeded all my expectations. Not only does it work, but it was crafted so that she was convinced at the first listen that it was worth the effort of listening every day. She has not missed a single day. When she got home from the last meet of the season, guess what she did, listened again to Mind Training for Swimmers. She got personal bests in 4 of 6 races which hasn’t happened in years for her. I am convinced you solved her confidence problem. Thanks so much".
Dan Sirkis

"Craig - thanks a LOT for that visualization you sent us! The kids like it better than any other program they have heard, because it applies directly to swimmers. It is really terrific and we are thoroughly enjoying "mind training" better than ever before! As a coach, I really like the way you talk to the swimmer's subconscious mind on the tape. You are so positive, so encouraging - everyone needs to hear that kind of talk regularly. It makes you feel so good just listening to it. A really great part of a fantastic tape. Thanks!"
Jane Klembarsky
Swim Coach, USA

"I have listened to your program a number of times now and I am most impressed. I also gave it to a friend who used to be a National swimmer and she too thought it was excellent. This is a program I would encourage coaches encourage their top and elite swimmers to buy".
Peter Ruddock
* Aust. National Accreditation Swimming Coach Level III
* Life Member Australian Swimming Coaches Association Victorian Branch
* Convenor of the Victorian Swimming Coaches' Education Committee 15 yrs
Australian Swimming Coaches' Association Award for "Contribution to Teaching of Swimming".

"Your program is remarkable. While my son is young, I knew he had the discipline and desire to apply it. He has already shown marked improvement in all his times at recent meets and his practices have been much more consistant. He is very happy with it. We really want to explore the whole concept more. I use a lot of visualization when I ride and knew this would work. Thanks so much".
Jeanne Dolan, USA

"I would just like to say thanks for such a wonderful product. My daughter is only 11 and although has huge potential has been unable to overcome the mental side of team mate psych-outs, and was unaware of the methods sometimes used even at this age. After swimming very poorly at a recent qualifying meet I purchased the program in the hope that it would have an effect on her at State champs which were only 2 weeks away. We have followed the program for just 10 days and the results were fantastic. We came home with 100% Personal Best rate and 3 - 4 second 'personal bests', 3 finalist ribbons and 7 State qualifying times. She told me on the way home from the meet that she will not stop using the program as it has made a big difference to how she feels and thinks before, during, and after she has swam. She now BELIEVES in herself and her ability which just shone on the weekend. So thank you again and we look forward to further great results".
Carol Trager, NSW Australia

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